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Changes to preferential treatment codes in customs declarations to be deployed in April 2021

22.2.2021 7.23
Press release

Import declarations on release of goods for free circulation are to be submitted to the new Customs Declaration Service as of April 2021. At the same time, there will be two changes to preferential treatment codes used in import declarations. 

In the future, the new preferential treatment code 128 will be used when applying for preferential treatment based on tariff quota and when goods return from outward processing. Furthermore, preferential treatment code 225 will no longer be used, and will be replaced with code 220. Preferential treatment code 220 is used when applying for preferential treatment of goods based on the GSP quota. A condition for the quota is the presentation of a special cerfiticate. 

Simplified customs declarations and declarations on special procedures will be renewed in spring 2022. For the time being, these declarations are entered in the current Import Declaration Service (ITU). The current preferential treatment codes are used in these declarations. 

There may be discrepancies in the information of the FINTARIC commodity code and distribution service as concerns preferential treatment codes. The discrepancies are due to the gradual reform of import declarations and will be removed when the new Customs Declaration Service is deployed in its entirety. 

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