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Analysis and development of the site

The website uses the Google Analytics service for analysis and development purposes. Google Analytics collects site user information through third-party cookies. This way Finnish Customs can improve the functionality of the site as well as user experiences, and provide better service to its customers.

Analysis data concerning the use of the site is not processed or stored in any way that would enable the monitoring of the user history of any individual person. The easiest way for you to prevent the analysis of your use of the site is to adjust the cookie settings, or to install a purpose-made component in your browser.

The Google Analytics service is not used for the online tip-off page.

More information on Google Analytics and its data protection policies is available at

Instructions for managing cookies in the most commonly used browsers and applications are available at the links below:

Use of cookies in other services

Customs may use cookies as a necessary part of an electronic service, such as access management. Preventing such cookies also prevents the use of the electronic service.

The site also uses social plugins, which for example enables the site to show contents from social media. The social plugins of the site may set cookies for their own services and according to their own principles.

Treatment of personal data

Customs processes your personal information with due care and in accordance with law, and makes sure that your information is protected in the appropriate way.

Data security

The data security of the website has been checked by a third party. The data communications of certain pages, such as the online tip-off page, are protected by SSL, which means that outside parties cannot keep track of your online connections or alter them without permission.

If you find any vulnerabilities or defects on our website, please notify the Customs Registry Office about this. The email address of the Registry Office is kirjaamo(at)

Terms of use

Customs holds the rights to the text and image material published on the site. These rights may also be held by some other information provider indicated in the material.

It is permitted to use the text material on the site and create links to it in appropriate contexts. This requires that the source of the material is mentioned.

Images on the site may not be manipulated or altered without permission. Images may not be used for purposes that may cause offence or violate common decency, or used for advertising, marketing or other commercial purposes. Users of the material may not assign the right of publication to a third party.

Customs has strived by all means possible to secure that the site contents are accurate and up-to-date. Customs is not responsible for any costs or damage which any errors in the site contents may cause to the user. Furthermore, Customs is not responsible for any inconvenience due to technical malfunctions or to material published by outside parties and linked to the website.


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