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Software developer: amendments to import messages to be introduced in April 2021

Publication date 28.1.2021 11.54
Press release

In Customs’ new customs clearance system, second phase message descriptions for import will begin to apply. The new message descriptions will be introduced for customs warehousing on 13 February 2021 and for release of goods for free circulation in April 2021. 

It has been observed that the published data content and the message structure, i.e., the schema, of amendment request messages FI413A, FI473A and FI483A do not match each other in the message descriptions. In the schema, the data group ‘Amendment’ has been marked as optional data. According to the data content, the data group must always be entered since it contains the mandatory data on the date and time of the amendment. In the data group ‘Amendment’ the ‘Request correlation’ must always be entered when replying with an amendment message to an error notification from Customs. 

The data group ‘Amendment’ must be in use in amendment request messages from April 2021. Customs will amend the schema for messages that will be introduced later in the spring of 2022. 

More information: UCC(at)

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