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Seven operators registered for tendering concerning Finnish Customs’ cryptocurrencies

Publication date 31.8.2021 9.49
Press release

Customs’ aim is to find a cryptocurrency broker through competitive negotiated procedure, who safely and reliably can carry out the sale of cryptocurrencies forfeited to the State. Within the time limit, seven operators announced their willingness to participate in the competitive negotiated procedure.

At the end of July, Customs issued a public call for tenders from cryptocurrency brokers. The tender competition will be organised through a competitive negotiated procedure. The time limit for registration ended on 30 August 2021, and seven operators expressed their interest in participating. The group of interested parties includes both Finnish and international brokers.

From these interested parties, Customs will select no more than five candidates to participate in the competitive negotiated procedure. The candidates to be invited are decided after an assessment of their notices of participation. Customs will provide information on this separately.

Customs has seized bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in connection with investigations into offences related to narcotics and doping substances. Customs has 1,981 bitcoins. Customs has also seized other cryptocurrencies this year, but since the preliminary investigations into these cases are ongoing, the currencies or their amounts cannot be revealed in detail.

Read more in Customs’ previous press release: Finnish Customs calls for a cryptocurrency broker through competitive negotiated procedure (29.7.2021)

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