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Pre-lodged customs declarations not possible if they require e-AD declarations

Publication date 26.4.2023 12.42
Press release

There is an error in our system that concerns instances where pre-lodged declarations for customs procedures 07 and 45 (additional declaration type D, additional procedure F06) along with e-AD declarations have been submitted in the EMCS system prior to arrival.

The EMCS system does not allow pre-lodged e-AD declarations. Moreover, it is currently not possible to submit declarations for customs procedures 07 and 45 in advance; those declarations are rejected. Be sure to submit your e-AD declaration in the EMCS system only when your goods have arrived, and the arrival has been presented.

It is possible to amend customs declarations for procedures 07 and 45. However, it is not yet possible to correct them. We will try to make corrections possible with the version update in autumn 2023.

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