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Participate in an EU-wide interim evaluation: share your experiences regarding the implementation of the Union Customs Code

Publication date 10.6.2021 10.00
Press release

The EU is gathering experiences regarding the implementation of the Union Customs Code (UCC) in the Member States. Respond to the questionnaire and make a difference – whether you are an importer or exporter, a transport company or forwarding agency, other business or organisation involved in international trade. Agencies, interest groups and individuals can also respond to the questionnaire. The responses will be used as a basis for the EU interim evaluation and in the development of the functioning of the UCC.

You can respond to the questionnaire on the Commission website. The questionnaire is open until 18 July 2021. You can submit your responses in any official EU language.

In Finland, Finnish Customs’ information system reform in accordance with the UCC is proceeding in phases. The new customs warehousing declarations and some of the new import declarations have already been introduced. The temporary storage declarations as well as the import declarations for special procedures and simplified procedures will undergo changes in 2022. The new export, exit and transit declarations will be introduced in 2023. 

More information: UCC(at)

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