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Only one train car can be declared on an import declaration

Publication date 26.4.2022 13.01 | Published in English on 3.5.2022 at 8.05
Press release

A single import declaration can cover only one means of transport. This means that an individual import declaration can contain details only on a single train car. As of 24 September 2022, a separate import declaration is required for every train car. 

If you declare goods directly from the train car, be sure to provide the train car number as the identifier for the means of transport in a standard import declaration. This information is to be entered under “Arrival transport means”. As for simplified declarations, this information is not included. 

If goods under temporary storage or customs warehousing is imported by rail, and you submit an import declaration for the goods (previous procedure 00 or 71), enter “Train” as the identifier of the means of transport.

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