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Errors observed in the Transit System – things to note when you submit new transit declarations

Publication date 26.2.2024 13.07 | Published in English on 26.2.2024 at 15.40
Press release

We have observed errors in how new transit declarations are filled in. The errors are due to the Customs system. We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause you. Please note the following when you fill in a transit declaration.

We will correct the errors the next time we update the system. We will publish a new notice when we have resolved the errors. 

Information on the following procedure not to be entered in arrival notifications 

We have observed an error regarding arrival notifications (FI007). Because of the error, it is not possible to enter the following procedure and the procedure type in your arrival notification. Leave the fields blank, even if you have already submitted the declaration for the following procedure.

Previous document code 1ZZZ

If you enter 1ZZZ as the code for the previous document and an MRN as reference, be sure you enter “MRN” at the start of the reference, for example MRN23FIP00000000000J3.

Declaring a consignee

The name and address of a consignee is always required for the declaration. You should enter this information even if you have provided the consignee’s EORI number.

Declaration submitters do not always receive transit discharge messages (FI045) 

If a representative has seen to transit on behalf of the procedure holder, and an authorised consignee receives the goods, the representative does not receive the discharge message. Instead, the procedure holder receives the message.

More information: UCC(at)

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