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Error in customs debtor details of customs clearance decisions has been corrected

Publication date 11.11.2021 8.20
Press release

The custom clearance decisions on import declarations submitted to the new customs clearance system have in some situations contained incorrect data on the customs debtor. The decisions have shown the representative as the customs debtor instead of the importer in cases where the customs declaration has been submitted by a direct representative with the liability of a guarantor. Customs has sent the customs clearance decisions containing the error from 19 April to 9 November 2021. However, the error has not affected the invoices sent by Customs.

The error has now been corrected, and from 9 November 2021, the importer is always shown as the customs debtor in customs clearance decisions when the declaration has been submitted by a direct representative. Customs’ customers do not need to take any action as a result of the correction.

Customs will continue to send the consolidated invoice for periodic filing to the direct representative with the liability of a guarantor, unless otherwise indicated in the declaration.  

Please note that the customs clearance decision does not indicate whether direct representation on guarantor’s responsibility has been used in the declaration. This detail, provided with the additional information code “FITAK”, is shown in the decision on release.

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