Covid-19 situation – Changes to proofs of origin for the purpose of export and import

15.4.2020 17.35
Press release

Due to the exceptional circumstances, Finnish Customs is facilitating the application for the movement certificate EUR.1 for the purpose of export and will accept copies of the certificates of origin for the purpose of import as proof of preferential origin. These procedures are in force during the exceptional circumstances. The changes are based on the European Commission’s alternative provisions concerning procedures.

Procedures concerning proof of origin for the purpose of export during the exceptional circumstances

During the exceptional circumstances, we advise businesses to prove the origin of their export consignments primarily with invoice declarations made out by approved exporters or non-approved exporters, instead of with movement certificates EUR.1. Regarding invoice declarations made out by non-approved exporters, the value limits on originating products must be taken into account for each destination country.

Businesses can also still have their movement certificates EUR.1 endorsed at customs offices with customer service or by using the services of a mobile group.

In addition to this, an alternative procedure has been introduced. As of 9 April 2020, Finnish Customs accepts applications for a movement certificate EUR.1 also as copies: The business completes the original form, also the “declaration by the exporter” on the reverse of the application form, normally and sends the copies of them to Customs by email. Customs stamps and signs the copies normally and sends them back by email. Copies will not be accepted if you visit a customs office in person.

If the exporter also needs the original certificate later, it can be submitted by post or in some other way to the customs office where the application copy was accepted. Some of the EU trade partner countries that accept copies during the exceptional circumstances may e.g. require that the original certificate should be submitted subsequently.

The exporter itself must also make sure that the authorities of the importing country accept the copies during the exceptional measures as preferential proofs.

In other respects, there will be no changes to the application for and issuance of certificates of origin, and the compliance with other provisions cannot be derogated from. If the exporter has submitted the EUR.1 application as a copy, the exporter must, on request, send proof of the preferential origin of the products to Finnish Customs and keep the endorsed copy.

Movement certificates EUR.1 can be sent to any of our customs offices for endorsement. To avoid backlogs at individual customs offices we advise businesses to use the customs office where it normally handle their customs transactions.

Proofs of origin for the purpose of import during the exceptional circumstances

In import, a copy of a certificate of origin correctly completed and endorsed by the competent authority of the exporting country can be accepted during the exceptional circumstances. Copies can be accepted if they have been endorsed in the exporting country on 1 March 2020 at the earliest.

The importer must also indicate in the customs declaration if preferential tariff treatment is requested using a copy of the certificate EUR.1, EUR-MED or Form.A. This shall be done at the goods item level of the message using the additional information code XXX (Other additional information) and the text “copy of proof of origin, Covid-19”.

When the exceptional measures end, importers will be required to obtain the original certificate from the exporting country in accordance with the rules concerning the keeping of usual supporting documents. In other respects, there will be no changes to the presentation of certificates of origin, and the compliance with other provisions cannot be derogated from.

Guidance on Customs issues related to the COVID-19 emergency, published by the Commission, and lists of partner countries that have accepted the exceptional measures (updated reqularly by the Commission)  

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