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Splitting of export goods ends as of 1 June 2023

Publication date 9.5.2023 9.06 | Published in English on 12.5.2023 at 13.33
Press release

Splitting export goods has made it possible to divide goods declared with a single export declaration into several split consignments. Consignments have been exported from the EU on different occasions either through a single place of exit or through several places of exit.

As of 1 June 2023, it is no longer possible to split export goods. In the future, customers cannot present Customs with copies of export accompanying documents with entries regarding split goods (split EADs). It will be possible to indicate only complete exiting consignments on the MRN presentation item of exit manifest presentations and on electronic transit declarations.

Current legislation provides that a separate export declaration or re-export declaration must be submitted for each individual consignment when the intention is to export goods from the customs territory of the Union as several items. 

Incomplete divisions as of 1 June 2023

If all goods under a split export declaration have not exited the EU by 1 June 2023, Customs will only confirm the exit of goods that have in fact exited the Union. For this purpose, be sure to submit your original split export declaration and your split EADs by email to vientiseuranta(at)

A new export declaration is required for goods that remain in storage prior to their export from the EU.

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More information: yritysneuvonta(at)

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