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Software developers: the schema for entry messages will change

Publication date 8.5.2023 9.00 | Published in English on 12.5.2023 at 8.26
Press release

On 2 September 2023, changes will be made to the response notifications for temporary storage declarations and to the unloading report message. This will bring about changes to the optionality of data elements and to the schema. After 2 September 2023, the old schema will no longer be supported in production.

The new message implementing guidelines (message descriptions) for temporary storage and for the presentation notification (v. 2.5) have been published on the Finnish Customs website. See all message implementing guidelines.

Changes to temporary storage declarations and presentation notifications

The message implementing guidelines will change as follows:

  • A new data element, language code, has been added to the response notifications (FI310, FI316, FI326, FI329, FI330, FI344, FI348, FI350, FI351, FI352 and FI370).
  • The unloading report message FI364 will change:
    • Changes to the optionality of data groups:
      • House consignment R -> D
      • Goods item R -> D
      • Commodity R -> O
      • Packages R -> O
      • Transport documents R  D
    • Changes to data elements:
      • The office code of the holder of temporary storage will no longer be used
      • Total gross mass R -> O
      • Description of goods D -> O
      • Commodity code – Harmonised System code R -> O
      • Shipping marks R -> O
  • New four-character previous document codes will be introduced for all declarations, including presentation notifications.

More information:
All message implementing guidelines
Message implementing guidelines for entry declarations (v. 2.5)

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