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Finnish Customs uncovered imports of large consignments of amphetamine and ecstasy – the total street value of the narcotics is 195 000 euros

Publication date 11.2.2022 8.05
Press release

In August 2021, Finnish Customs seized about three kilograms of amphetamine and half a kilogram of MDMA, better known as ecstasy, from a postal consignment. Other narcotics consignments are also connected to the same criminal case. One person is suspected of smuggling and distribution. Finnish Customs has investigated the case as several aggravated narcotics offences.

Finnish Customs has uncovered an amphetamine and MDMA smuggling and distribution operation. Narcotics have been received by post from abroad and distributed around Finland. Finnish Customs caught on to the operation in August 2021, when it seized about three kilograms of amphetamine and half a kilogram of MDMA at Helsinki Airport from a postal consignment that had arrived from abroad. MDMA is better known as the narcotic substance in ecstasy tablets. It was found that the consignee of the consignment was a man living in Southwest Finland.

In connection with a house search, Finnish Customs seized, among other things, almost 1000 envelopes, small plastic bags and vacuum machines. Smaller amounts of various narcotics were also seized during the house search. Based on the preliminary investigation, there is reason to suspect that the man has received consignments of narcotics even before, while living in western Uusimaa and Southwest Finland, and that he has further distributed the narcotics in Finland.

The preliminary investigation by Finnish Customs revealed that the man had received a total of two kilograms of amphetamine and one kilogram of MDMA by post. The man is suspected of having received altogether four consignments containing narcotics.

The quantity amounts to tens of thousands of doses – the preliminary investigation by Finnish Customs also involved international cooperation

The total value of the seized narcotics and the narcotics distributed earlier, calculated using the average street value, is about 195 000 euros.

– We suspect that the criminal activity has involved tens of thousands of doses. We have investigated the case as an aggravated narcotics offence and during the preliminary investigation, we have cooperated with preliminary investigation authorities both in Finland and in other EU countries, says Kimmo Kaunisto, investigator in charge.

The preliminary investigation has been concluded and the case has been forwarded to the prosecutor for consideration of charges.

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