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Export Declaration Service

Go to the Export Declaration Service

You can submit the following declarations in the Export Declaration Service:

  • export declarations
  • re-export declarations
  • declarations for ship supplies
  • arrival at exit notifications.

In the service, you can view and print out the export accompanying document (EADs) and the decision on release. The decision on release with confirmation of exit can be printed out from the service, when Customs has confirmed the exit of goods from the EU.

Requests for amendment and invalidation of export declarations can also be submitted in the service.

Please note that the Export Declaration Service is being phased out and in the future, export declarations will be submitted in the Customs Clearance Service

Logging in

To submit customs declarations, companies need an EORI number

Using the service requires identification. Please note that non-Finnish persons cannot use the Finnish Authenticator application to identify themselves in the service.

You will need the mandate “Customs clearance“ to act on behalf of a company in the service. Read more about mandates. (The link is not yet functional.)


User instructions for the Export Declaration Service