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These statistics, which cover all import and export, indicate the monthly values of the import in, export from, and trade balance of Finland. The preliminary monthly statistics comprise such information regarding the EU and the Euro territory, and the territories not in the EU. The monthly statistics even specifies the information according to countries, groups thereof, and continents.

The CN statistics contain monthly detailed information on the import and export of goods. Principally, all goods exported from and imported in Finland are recorded to statistics. International trade in services is not included in these statistics. An inclusion in these statistics requires the goods physically arrive in or depart from this country. By way of exception, water- and aircraft are recorded to statistics upon a change in ownership.

These statistics do not comprise e.g. the import and export of goods and groups thereof according to countries. The value information is expressed at all levels of the classification, but it is feasible to state the quantities at the more accurate classification levels only.

Classifications based on products, industries, and uses of goods are regularly applied to describe the structure and development of all import and export without specifying the countries. The data, however, are compiled also according to the countries.

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The Finnish Customs always publishes the preliminary international trade data within 39 days after the end of the statistical month. Detailed and revised monthly statistics on each month’s international trade are published about eight weeks after the statistical month. The final figures of the statistical year are always published at the end of August the next year.

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ISSN 1796-0479 = Official Statistics of Finland (pdf)
ISSN 2670-0565 = Preliminary statistics on the international trade in goods (web publication)
ISSN 2242-2335 = Monthly statistics on the international trade in goods (web publication)

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