Customs duty calculator

Additional customs duties for products of U.S. origin as of 22 June 2018
Please note that beauty products, knitted sweaters, trousers, bed linen, men’s footwear, as well as various other products are subject to an additional customs duty of 25 % in addition to possible general customs duties. Playing cards are subject to an additional customs duty of 10 %. Additional customs duties will be levied as of 22 June 2018. Read more: Customs notice 21.6.2018 (in Finnish or Swedish)

The customs duty calculator estimates how much you have to pay for the goods you have bought. The estimate shows the total price of the product you have ordered, including the purchase price and the transport costs, as well as possible customs duties and value added tax. In certain cases, the customs duties are determined according to the country of origin, not the country of consignment. 

Note that the result given by the customs duty calculator is always only indicative. Read more about the limitations of the customs duty calculator

Use calculator to calculate customs duties

The result given by the customs duty calculator is indicative only.
Read more about the restrictions of the service.

Customs clearance of online purchases

In the picture below, you can see the stages of the customs clearance process.  When you click on the icons you’ll find more information about the most important things you need to know or do at each stage of the process.

Do your purchase online

The parcel arrives in Finland at the carrier’s warehouse. The carrier sends you an arrival notice, after which you are to clear the consignment through Customs.

Clear your parcel online


The carrier delivers the parcel to you

Cancelling and returning your purchase


Appeal form and completion instructions

Goods subject to import restrictions or prohibitions

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