Customer Notice 1.12.2016
Cashier desks will no longer take receipts as of 31 December 2016

1.12.2016 16.21 | Published in English on 11.1.2017 at 16.52
Press release

Import clearance and car taxation customers have been able to speed up the registration of their payments by presenting bank payment receipts at Customs cashier desks.

Regular bank account payments are transferred to Customs during the next banking day at the earliest, but customers who have presented receipts have been able to release their import goods for free circulation or to register their vehicle during a single day.

Customs cashier desks will no longer take receipts as of 1 January 2017, as electronic payment services have made receipts unnecessary. Payment details can be immediately entered in Customs’ system through the electronic car tax declaration service and the import declaration service. The services are available on the Customs website.

Customer notice