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Foreign citizens need the Finnish Authenticator app to use Customs’ e-services and to grant Suomi.fi mandates

15.12.2020 8.00
Press release

Foreign citizens can log into Customs’ e-services and start using the Suomi.fi authorisation service with the Finnish Authenticator foreign citizen identification service. The service requires registration, and it is advisable to register as soon as possible.

In Customs’ e-services, using the Finnish Authenticator app for identification and authorisation will initially start in the services for Intrastat declarations and My Details. We will later provide information on the date when the app will be launched in these two services and in our other services.

How do you start using Finnish Authenticator and how do you grant mandates?

If the signatories of your Finnish business are foreign citizens: 

  • Persons with the right to sign the company name must start using Finnish Authenticator to be able to grant mandates in the service Suomi.fi e-Authorizations.
  • The signatory’s Finnish Authenticator ID must be attached to the company’s details. You can submit an application for registering your right to grant a mandate in the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s Mandate service provided by officials
  • When your signatory receives the right to grant a mandate, they can administer mandates for transactions independently through Suomi.fi e-Authorizations.

If the persons responsible for customs transactions and statistics declarations in your company are foreign citizens:

  • These persons must start using the Finnish Authenticator.
  • The person who grants mandates for transactions on behalf of the company authorises, through Suomi.fi e-Authorizations, the persons who use the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service.

More information

User support: 
Suomi.fi identification and authorisation: 
Digital and Population Data Services Agency, customer service for organisations 

Customs transactions: 
General advice for business customers, tel. 0295 5202, 8.00–16.15

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