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The customs warehousing declarations to become electronic, bringing changes to the decision on release

27.5.2019 16.21
Press release

Customs warehousing declarations are to be submitted electronically as of 1 June 2019.

When the declaration is submitted electronically, the decision on release is generated by the Customs system. The decision looks slightly different from the decision on release used for the other customs declarations. It is to be presented to the temporary storage operator when goods are picked up from a temporary storage facility. The temporary storage operator adds the decision on release to its records.

The SAD form may only be used as a customs warehousing declaration in May. After that, it will be accepted as proof of release only in the fallback procedure or if Customs has granted the customs warehousing declarant an extension for introducing electronic declarations by the end of June.

More information:

Finnish Customs regulation on the introduction of electronic declarations in the customs warehousing procedure (available in Finnish and Swedish)
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