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Changes in reparations of products rejected by Customs

29.5.2019 11.10
Press release

Based on examinations by the Customs Laboratory, products that are considered non-compliant with regulations can be repaired in certain cases. Once repaired in an acceptable way, product batches are released from customs supervision. In many cases, reparation means making corrections to product labels. When such corrections are made, Customs-approved labels are attached to products. Reparations can also involve further examinations by the Customs Laboratory.

Customs can impose a fee for further examinations for repairable products according to the decree of the Finnish Ministry of Finance on fees charged for services provided by Customs. The fee for further examinations of goods within the scope of food legislation is 207 euros. As for goods subject to consumer protection legislation, the fee is 294 euros. Fees are charged on laboratory examinations of repairable products, and for inspections of labels to be added onto products. However, label inspections are subject to a fee only when the operator presents several versions of new labels after Customs has pointed out errors observed in the product.

Customs would like to remind operators that they are obligated to be up-to-date on the legislation concerning their line of business, and on product requirements. Authorities are obligated to give guidance and advice to operators, which does not however mean that authorities would add labels onto products, for example, on behalf of operators. In some cases, adding labels onto a product can be challenging for an operator, in which case assistance is available, for example, on expert websites such as those of the Finnish Food Authority or the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, or from companies that provide labelling services.

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