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Tariff information service Fintaric to be introduced in October 2018

Publication date 17.4.2018 8.00
Press release

Finnish Customs will publish the tariff information service Fintaric in October 2018. Fintaric will be open to all our customers. The system is the first part of an extensive reform of the customs clearance system.

Fintaric will show the commodity codes in the EU Taric database and any restrictions and taxes on them, as well as the Finnish national restrictions.

The Fintaric online service is intended for both employees of companies and Customs employees, who need information about commodity codes in their daily work and have basic knowledge of tariff classification. For software developers Customs will open a machine-readable distribution service for Fintaric information via Suomi.fi Data Exchange Layer.

Customs will for the first time use Fintaric as an associated system of the the declaration systems in electronic declaration for customs warehousing, which will be introduced during 2019.

Regarding online clearance, you can also consult the list of goods in the Import Declaration Service of Customs.

More information:
Customer notice of 8 May 2017: Finnish Customs is working on a new tariff information service for customers
Minna Gustafsson or Veijo Alatalo, firstname.surname(at)tulli.fi

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