The history of Finnish Customs from the Swedish reign to the present

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The Customs Museum has closed for the season. Thanks to all our visitors!

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The museum is located
on the island of Suomenlinna

Susisaari in Suomenlinna, the Hamilton-Polheim Curtain building
(Suomenlinna B 20 D).


Thematic exhibition: Dogs at Finnish
Customs - 50 Years of Detector Dog

The new thematic exhibition will delve into the 50-year history of customs dogs.

Dogs at Finnish Customs

The Customs Museum’s new thematic exhibition “Dogs at Finnish Customs” will explore the 50-year history of the customs dogs. Customs trained and employed its first drug detector dogs in 1969. They were kept busy from the start, as imports of narcotics were rising at the time. From then on, the number of dogs kept growing. Today, Customs has around 50 dogs.

The first dogs only looked for narcotics. Over the last decades, Customs has also trained dogs to detect other substances. The dogs have always been trained through play. The customs dogs have been and still are an important tool in the fight against narcotics smuggling.

Come and see the work of the customs dogs!




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