Messages, amendment and invalidation requests concerning declarations and other contacts

On the ‘Messages’ page you can read and respond to notifications sent by Customs and send messages to Customs about your declarations.

If you have received notifications from Customs, you can see on the ‘In progress’ list a red triangle for the declaration in the ‘State’ column, if you haven’t read the notification. There is also a reminder, shown in red font, of an unread notification on the ‘Summary and submission’ page for the declaration.

The image shows, on the page "Summary and Submission", under the button "Amend", the text "Customs is waiting for additional information response" in red font.

A notification from Customs may be e.g. an additional information request. It opens under ‘Documents’ as a PDF document, but the response shall be submitted via ‘Messages’.

The request usually involves a time limit, and the request is specified in a contents field. To see the whole notification and to respond, click the notification row to open the contents of the notification.


You can respond to an additional information request using the response field in the notification.


If the additional information requires an additional document to be sent, click ‘+Add’ and when the ‘Provided information’ fields open, enter the description of the document and the reference number assigned to the document submitted via Customs’ Attachment Upload Service.


Via ‘Messages’, you can request amendment of a declaration that has already been accepted, if you notice that there is a need to amend the declaration details after Customs has already released the goods for the procedure. To request amendment after the release of the goods or to request invalidation, click ‘Contact request’.




If you choose an amendment or invalidation request, choose also the reason for the request.


In the free-form ‘Text’ field, indicate what detail you request to be amended. Indicate also why you are requesting an amendment if the reason you have chosen doesn’t make it clear. Indicate both the original detail in the declaration you want to be amended as well as the correct detail.

If you have an attachment to support the amendment or invalidation request, you can first upload it using Customs’ Attachment Upload Service and indicate the attachment and its reference number in the ‘Text’ field for the contact request.

Via the ‘Messages page, you can also request for more time to provide the additional information requested by Customs (003 – Request for time-limit extension) or respond to a notification sent by Customs of an adverse decision (004 – Response for hearing request).

If you have submitted an invalidation or amendment request and notice, before the related decision is made, that the request is unnecessary or made on false grounds, you can, via the ‘Messages’ page, request that the invalidation or amendment be cancelled (005 – Cancellation for earlier change request). Customs will then make a cancellation decision concerning your amendment or invalidation request.