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Use of TYVI Pro for Intrastat declarations to be discontinued

The use of Posti’s TYVI Pro service for Intrastat declarations will be discontinued on 31 December 2022. Intrastat declarations for 2023 can no longer be submitted through Posti’s TYVI Pro service after 1 January 2023.

After this, Intrastat declarations must be submitted through the Finnish Customs Intrastat Declaration Service or message exchange.

As of 1 January 2023, Intrastat declarations for 2023 can only be sent through the Finnish Customs Intrastat Declaration Service or direct message exchange.

The Intrastat Declaration Service maintained by Finnish Customs can be used free of charge. In the service, you can complete a digital form or upload a fixed-format ASCII or CSV file. Read file descriptions and instructions on how to use the service on the Finnish Customs website. You need to log in through the Suomi.fi e-Identification service.

In direct message exchange, companies send XML messages to Finnish Customs. To send messages, companies require a certificate granted by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Read more about message exchange.

If the company does not have any other need to use TYVI Pro service than submitting Intrastat declarations the service can be terminated by sending a written notice to Posti to messaging.fi@posti.com. The period of notice is the current month and the following two months calculated from the date on which the notice was given. The TYVI Pro service can be used until the end of the period of notice.

Once the use of the service has been terminated, declarations can only be edited and corrected using the correction form available on the Finnish Customs website. If a company does not terminate the use of the TYVI Pro service, Intrastat declarations for 2022 submitted through the TYVI Pro service can be corrected until the middle of August 2023.

Note: Declarations for the 2022/12 statistical period can only be submitted in TYVI Pro in January 2023 (deadline 13 January 2023) if the TYVI Pro identifier is valid at the time.

Online submission of statistical declarations in file format

The statistical declaration may be submitted as a standard format file on Posti Messaging TYVI service Tyvi.fi. Using data transfer requires Posti Messaging’s chargeable TYVI Pro user ID and Suomi.fi e-Authorizations.

Posti Messaging TYVI Pro user ID

TYVI Pro ID can be applied at Tyvi.fi > in English > Order here. It is subject to charge.

Posti Messaging concludes a service contract with the customer. It takes approximately three working days to get the ID.

The statistical declaration is submitted as an ASCII format file or as a CSV file (an Excel spreadsheet is saved in CSV format). File transfer is well suited for declarants declaring a large number of commodity codes and whose statistical data can be obtained partly or entirely in electronic format from the company's own data systems. The TYVI Pro service does not require separate file testing. When using file transfer, the system immediately checks whether the data is correct, therefore it is not possible to submit faulty codes, for example.

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