What statistics are available

All statistics published by Customs on international trade are available in the Statistics Service. Finnish import and export statistics on the internal trade of the EU are provided by the Intrastat system, whereas the data on Finnish imports and exports with countries outside the EU is derived from customs declarations. Combined statistics on imports and exports are produced in accordance with international statistical classification systems.

More detailed information on the statistical principles and contents of the import and export statistics can be found under the following topics

All statistics and surveys are published in PDF format on the Finnish Customs website. The Customs website also contains several different statistical tables and diagrams:

The detailed international trade statistics of Finnish Customs can be obtained from the Uljas database (distribution system for international trade statistics).

The database can be accessed at the website: http://uljas.tulli.fi

Import and export statistics of all EU Member States can be obtained free of charge from Eurostat's Internet database.

What information will the statistics provide?

The Combined Nomenclature (CN) is the most detailed classification used for international trade statistics. All other classification systems used to produce international trade statistics are based on it. The CN code is most suitable when statistical data on international trade of certain products or commodities is required.

Commodity statistics include monthly data on the following:

  • value by commodity code in Euros
  • net weight by commodity code (in addition, a supplementary measurement unit e. g. pcs, sqm, cbm etc. can be used for certain codes)
  • unit value per commodity code (e. g. euros per kg)

Statistics on imports are compiled according to country of origin and country of consignment and statistics on exports according to country of destination.

Standard International Trade Classification (SITC) can be applied, inter alia, to examine the break-down of Finnish imports and exports regarding a certain country.

Classifications based on activity and main use of goods are mainly used to describe the structure and development of the trade as a whole. These classification systems include: CPA classification (Classification of Products by Activity), NACE classification (Nomenclature générale des Activités économiques dans les Communautés européennes), BEC (Classification by Broad Economic Categories) and MIG classification (Main Industrial Groupings). These classifications and correspondences between them are available on Eurostat's Internet Site.

Transport statistics are produced according to commodity classes based on SITC and CSTE (Commodity Classification for Transport in Europe) classifications. Country concepts used in transport statistics are country of consignment and country of destination. Statistics are produced with breakdown into the following modes of transport:

  • sea
  • inland water
  • rail
  • road
  • air
  • post
  • other mode of transport

Transport statistics are also available on the Customs website Tables > Statistics on logistics.

Traffic statistics are published monthly and quarterly. They provide data on the arrivals and departures of vehicles by border-crossing points.

Indexes describing development of prices in international trade are available from 2005 on the Customs website: Tables > Indexes.

All the above-mentioned publications are available in electronic form. Statistical materials produced before 2000 are available in paper or on microfilm. Data produced before 1973 has been transferred to the National Archives > Archival database (Tullihallitus I and Tullihallitus II archives)

Points to consider

Eurostat publishes international trade statistics of all EU Member States on its website.

In Finland other international trade -related statistics are published, among others, by

Eurostat provides a great number of statistics on transport (including modes of transport, passenger flows, ports etc.):
http://epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu click on Transport > Data.
The international trade database Comext can be also found on Eurostat's front page under the heading "External Trade".

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