These pages contain Excel tables with information on Finnish imports and exports by e.g. product group or country.

The section Time series contains a table on imports, exports and trade balance since 1884.

The section Commodity Statistics contains a.o. tables describing the structure of Finnish imports and exports by product group (file: Trade by sections and divisions of the SITC (levels 1-2).

Country Statistics provides information (by product group) on the structure of the trade between, for instance, Finland and Russia (file: Trade with selected regions and countries by SITC; by countries of origin/destination).

The section Indexes provides tables containing unit value indexes and volume indexes published by Finnish Customs.

Statistics on logistics contains tables on border traffic and transports of international trade.

Other Statistics contains tables on imports and exports according to products by activity, industry and main use of goods.

Statistics published monthly are preliminary. The figures change as the primary material is supplemented and reviewed. The final figures of the statistical year are published at the end of August the next year.

Detailed statistical information on the CN-nomenclature 8-digit level can be obtained from Uljas, the statistical database on international trade. Statistical information may also be requested from the Finnish Customs Statistics Service tel. +358 295 52335 or e-mail statistics[at]

Explanation of symbols in the tables

Magnitude less than half of unit employed 0(0,0)
Category not applicable .
Data not available or too uncertain for presentation ..
Data subject to secrecy ...
Magnitude zero -
Change percentage is marked x if the data of the comparison year is 0 or not available. x

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