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Title of statistics

Transit transports


Finnish Customs


Transit statistics describe the quantity and estimated value of the road transit traffic passing through Finland to Russia.

Data content

The statistics contain the monthly data on transit goods arriving at the customs border of Finland and transported by road to Russia without customs clearance in the customs territory of Finland. The statistics present the transport volumes (in tons) at the most significant customs offices on the eastern border according to the most important product categories. An estimate on the value of transports is also presented according to customs office and product category. Transit goods are not included in the trade statistics material.

Data collecting method

The transit statistics are based on four different sources of information and include the consignments that exit Finland through Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa, Imatra or Niirala. The data is compiled from the transit material in the transit system NCTS, from the ECS material in the ELEX system containing the goods transported through Finland under the EU export procedure and from the material in the ELEX system on re-exportation from customs warehouses. The fallback procedure material compiled by the customs offices and containing the transit material for the time when the electronic transit system is unavailable is also added to the transit statistics.

The Statistics of the Finnish Customs calculates an estimate of the transit transport values according to product category primarily on the basis of the price data on the trade with Russia in the Eurostat database and secondarily e.g. on the basis of the prices of Russia’s Western imports and the prices of Finland’s exports to Russia.

Applied classifications

In the transit statistics, the compilation of statistics on commodities is based on the Combined Nomenclature, CN, of the EU. The commodities are classified into 32 categories e.g. on the basis of Russia’s Western imports and on Finland’s exports to Russia.

Updating frequency


Completion or publication date

The transit statistics are published monthly in electronic format in the Uljas. An annual survey on the transit statistics is published.

Time series

These data are being collected since 2002. The statistics are available in electronic form in the Uljas with data from 2011 and onwards.


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