Statistics specification: Concentration of international trade in goods by enterprise

Title of statistics

Concentration of international trade in goods by enterprise


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These statistics describe the structure of import and export from the viewpoint of enterprises. International trade statistics provide information on the concentration of international trade in goods in the goods trade between Finland and the other EU member states and Finland and third countries (other than EU member states), that is, in internal and external trade.

Data content

These statistics show the annual concentration of Finnish import and export. The concentration data is presented according to products by activities (CPA), industries (NACE), trading partners and geographical zones. In addition to the statistical data, the concentration of international trade has also been analysed verbally and graphically.

Data collecting method

The information on Finland’s trade with other EU countries is collected from statistical declarations submitted by companies, using the Intrastat system of internal trade. Information on the trading of goods between Finland and third countries is obtained from customs declarations which have to be submitted for every import and export consignment. The data on both internal and external trade are combined when compiling the Finnish international trade statistics.

Applied classifications

The product classification applied in the statistics is the EU classification of products by activity, CPA (Council Regulation, EEC, 29 October 1993, No. 3969/93). The CPA classification describes the structure of import and export by product category according to activity. The CPA classification data is derived from the CN goods classification system (Combined Nomenclature, CN).

The industrial classification used in the statistics is the European Communities classification of Economic Activities, Nomenclature générale des Activités économiques dans les Communautés européennes (NACE 2002). The NACE category data of each enterprise is formed according to its main branch of industry.

The country classification is based on the Commission Regulation (EC No. 1833/2006) on the country classification of the statistics on the Community external trade and the trade between the Member States. The country codes comply with those of the ISO/DIS 3166 standard of the International Organization for Standardization.

Updating frequency


Completion or publication date

The annual statistics is published within six months of the end of the statistical year. The publishing schedule is available on the Finnish Customs website.

Time series

There is available data from the year 2004 onwards. The data for 2004–2007 was published in an independent statistics, but from 2008 onwards the data was published as part of the statistics “Tavaroiden ulkomaankauppa yritystyypeittäin” (International trade in goods by type of enterprise).


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