International trade statistics

Statistics published by International Organisations

Basic trade statistics by country and region.

UN statistics
Statistical information accordant with SITC and HS delivered to the UN by Member States.

International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS)

Statistics published by the EU

All EU member states (Eurostat Comext)
Precise statistics by item on the international trade of all member states.

Statistics published by EU Member States

Austria (Statistics Austria)
Statistical information on volume of trade, trading partners and the most important goods categories. In German and English.

Belgium (Statistics Belgium)
Import and export statistics accordant with HS2 and SITC available.

Bulgaria (National Statistical Institute)
Website in Bulgarian and English. Statistics on volume of trade, import and export.

Cyprus (Statistical Service)
Up-to-date basic information on the international trade of Cyprus in English.

Czech Republic (Czech Statistical Office)
Select Economy -> External Trade. In English.

Denmark (Statistics Denmark)
By selecting "Udenrigshandel" you gain access to, for example, statistics accordant with SITC. Registering as a user (free of charge) allows you to save searches according to, for example, CN headings. Also available in English.

Estonia (Statistics Estonia)
The link "Economy" leads to a statistics database. Statistics on general and special trade accordant with HS in Excel format, among others. In English.

France (French Customs)
A free-of-charge web database which enables searches of, for example, country and heading-specific statistics accordant with CN 8 (NC 8). The information can be saved by using the "transferer" function. In addition, "Conjonctore Régional", for example, provides regional international trade figures. Also various charts are available. The site is only in French.

Germany (Federal Statistical Office)
Select Themen -> Weitere themen -> Aussenhandel. Import and export according to main product categories and state. Available in German and English.

Greece (National Statistical Service)
Under "Statistical Themes" select Trade-Services -> Import/Export. In English.

Hungary (Central Statistical Office)
Website in Hungarian and English. Under Data, select Themes. Database and tables available.

Ireland (Central Statistics Office Ireland) http://www.
Select Statistics and under Economy select External Trade. Database, for example import and export statistics according to SITC classification.

Italy (National Institute of Statistics)
A database where Italy's import and export statistics for example accordant with CN8 and SITC can be searched. The site is available in Italian and English.

Latvia (Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia)
Database, information on volume of trade, trading partners and goods categories. In English.

Lithuania (Department of Statistics)
Predefined tables on international trade "Statistics (Predefined tables) -> Foreign trade" and a database "Statistics (Databases) -> Macroeconomics -> Foreign trade". Statistics in accordance with CN and SITC classifications. The site is available in English.

Luxembourg (STATEC Luxembourg)
From the left side of the site, select "Economie et finances -> Relations économiques extérieures -> Commerce extérieur". Basic information on international trade. The site is in French.

Malta (National Statistics Office)
Reviews of the development of Maltese import and export. The site is in English.

The Netherlands (Statistics Netherlands)
The link "Selecteren" ("Select" in English) opens a menu with the folder "Bedrifjsleven- Internationale Handel (Trade and Industry)" from which statistics on international trade in accordance with HS and SITC can be downloaded. The site is available in Dutch and in English.

Poland (Central Statistical office)
Select Information by Category -> Prices, trade and services. Figures of volume of trade. In English.

Select Statistical data -> Database -> International trade. Import and export statistics for example according to CN2. The site is in English.

Romania (National Institute of Statistics)
Both free and chargeable searches for statistics can be made in the database. Registration required (free of charge). Import and export statistics, among others. Also old statistics available in PDF format.

Slovakia (Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic)
Information on imports and exports for example by HS section. The database (Slovstat) requires registration, but is free of charge. The site is in English.

Slovenia (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia)
A database "SI-Stat -> External Trade" which enables searches for example according to CN. In English.

Spain (National Statistics Institute)
Under "Economy" select "Foreign trade" and then "Main foreign trade results". Statistics at CN 2 heading level are available. The texts in the charts are in Spanish.

Sweden (Statistics Sweden) /
By selecting "Handel med varor och tjänster", international trade statistics can be searched and saved in file format, for example according to SITC and CN (KN) headings according to month or year. Saving large charts requires registration, but the service is free of charge. Also available in English.

United Kingdom (HM Customs & Excise)
Select Data -> Trade data. The "Preprepared Tables" area contains basic figures of import and export. The database (Build your own tables) requires user login, but the use is free of charge. Among others, statistical figures accordant with CN 4 and CN 8 headings and SITC are available. The figures can be saved directly into Excel, for example.

International trade statistics of other European countries

Norway (Statistics Norway)
Basic figures of import and export. The link Tabeller (Tables) gives access to the entire selection of information, including import and export according to SITC and HS, as well as index figures of import and export. The site is available in Norwegian and English.

Russia (Federal State Statistics Service)
Select External economic activities. Statistics on import and export, among others. Website also available in English.

Switzerland (Swiss Customs)
Monthly figures and reviews of international trade. The site is available in German, French and Italian.

Turkey (Turkish Statistical Institute)
Select Foreign trade -> Foreign trade statistics -> Data. Statistical information for example according to SITC, BEC and ISIC classifications. The site is in English.

Customs statistics from countries outside Europe

USA (Department of Trade )
Import and export statistics according to HS2, HS4 and SITC.

USA (U.S. Census Bureau)
Historical series and information by country in accordance with SITC. Also includes the international trade of the most important HS headings by state.

Japan (Japanese Customs)
Select Trade Statistics (Search). The site is available in English. Information by country, HS heading and subheading.

South Korea (KITA, Korea International Trade Association)
Statistics on goods (Korea Trade Statistics) according to HS and SITC. The site is available in English. The site is free of charge, but registration is required.

Thailand (Customs Department)
Statistics on goods by HS heading. The site is also available in English.