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Unit value and volume indices of international trade in goods

Official Statistics of Finland

Compiler: Finnish Customs

Indices for international trade in goods describe development of import and export prices as well as import and export volume.

Finnish Customs publishes preliminary data for unit value and volume indices in the publication; preliminary statistics on the international trade in goods. The data is also published in the statistical database Uljas with the classification CPA at 1-level under the folder preliminary statistics. Calculations of the indices are based on preliminary data and changes are possible when data becomes more complete.

The detailed data for the indices are calculated, updated and published with the monthly statistics. The data is published at CPA classification on levels 1-3 and data is found at Uljas statistical database under the folder indexes.

The content of the statistics consists of monthly data on index point figures, percentage change and 12-month moving average for export and import prices and for volume of exports and imports. The indices are published separately for total index, the EU countries and external trade.

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