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This is a collection of replies to the most common questions concerning international trade statistics.

Finnish Customs’ international trade statistics are published on the “International trade statistics” page. The page contains the latest statistical publications and reviews. The page also contains information on statistics compilation practices, the publication schedule for statistics, and complete statistical graphs. The chart page contains complete Excel charts on Finland’s imports and exports according to, for example, commodity group and country.

The detailed international trade statistics of Finnish Customs can be obtained from Uljas statistical database. The database can be used free of charge and it does not require registration.

Open the drop-down menu of the “Classification of Products” box (first one of the five boxes) and select the required level.

See also the instructions for using the Uljas database on the Customs website.

In the “Indicators” box (last one of the five boxes), select a cumulative indicator, which you can find by scrolling down the menu. In the “Time period” box, select the December or the last available month of the year on which you need information.

See also the instructions for using the Uljas database on the Customs website.

In the “Indicators” box, select “Quantity unit code” and “Supplementary quantity unit code”. Note that statistics on supplementary quantities are not compiled for all commodity codes. The codes are displayed in the retrieved chart next to the quantity and supplementary quantity of the commodity code. The code explanation is displayed in the chart footnote, for example “1 = kg”.

See also the instructions for using the Uljas database on the Customs website.

The change refers to the change in import or export value when compared to the corresponding period of the previous year.

According to Act on the Openness of Government Activities, Customs’ company-specific international trade statistics are secret and cannot be disclosed to outside parties.

Customs publishes reviews of international trade by company type and company size (only in Finnish). The reviews do not contain any company-specific information.

In the Uljas statistical database, you can retrieve statistics based on the SITC Rev. 3 classification dating back to 1987. On the Customs website, you can download Excel charts indicating imports and exports by country starting from 1881. Time sequences related to unit value and volume indexes are available starting from 1866.

Information on selecting commodity codes is available on the Customs website. You can also contact the Customs Information Service. When necessary, your enquiry is directed to Customs’ nomenclature experts.

International trade in goods statistics by regions in Finland are published in the Uljas database.

Finnish Customs’ statistics on border traffic indicate the volumes of Finland’s border traffic according to border crossing point, i.e. according to different ports, among others. The statistics indicate the empty and loaded containers that have arrived in and departed from Finland. The statistics on border traffic does not, however, provide any information about the port of origin or about the goods. Statistics Finland also publishes various traffic statistics.

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