CPA product classification

Classification of Products by Activities, CPA

CPA is the classification system of goods and services applied by the European Community.

The CPA statistics indicate the structure of import and export by product categories according to activities. The CPA data are deduced from the CN (Combined Nomenclature CN). Starting from the statistics for 2009, CPA2008 has been applied. CPA2008 is based on the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 451/2008. For the older statistics, CPA2002 was applied.

Classifications based on products, industries, and uses of goods are regularly applied to describe the structure and development of all import and export without specifying any countries. The data, however, are compiled also according to the countries. Statistics complying with these classifications indicate the values only.

CPA product classification

CPA2008-tuoteluokittelu - CPA2008-produktklassificering - CPA2008 product classification (xlsx, 446 kB)

CPA2008-tuoteluokittelu, luokittelu kokonaisuudessaan - CPA2008-produktklassificering - klassificeringen i sin helhet - CPA2008 product classification, the entire classification

CPA2002-tuoteluokittelu - CPA2002-produktklassificering - CPA2002 product classification (xlsx, 12 kB)

CPA2002-tuoteluokittelu, valikoidut tuoteluokat - CPA2002-produktklassificering, ett urval av produktklasserna - CPA2002 product classification - a selection of the product classes

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