Travelling on business with company goods

 When you go on a business trip and take export goods owned by the company with you, an export declaration must be submitted to Customs for the goods.

The export company submits the export declaration

The export company must submit an electronic export declaration to Customs for export goods owned by the company and taken out of the customs and fiscal territory of the EU, even if the representative of the company takes the goods with them in their luggage.

The export declaration must be submitted in advance in the name of the export company. From Customs, the exporter receives an export accompanying document (EAD), which must follow the goods to the place of exit from the EU. The exporter must give the EAD to the traveller who is taking the goods with them in their luggage.

Before leaving the EU, travellers transporting such goods in their luggage must visit the customs office at the place of exit.

In some cases, an oral declaration may be lodged instead of an electronic export declaration for an export consignment worth no more than 1 000 euros. If goods are temporarily taken out of the country, an electronic export declaration must always be lodged for them, unless there is an ATA carnet issued for the goods by a chamber of commerce.

What must the traveller do?

Travellers who take with them goods declared for export must present the following documents to Customs before the goods leave the EU:

  • the Export Accompanying Document (EAD) and
  • the consignment-related documents.

Air travellers

Customs’ service points serve air travellers at Helsinki Airport both before security control at the arrivals hall and after security control at the departure gate 29. The service points are open 24 hours a day. If there is no one present, you can use the service telephone to call the staff over.

If a traveller leaves on a direct flight from an airport other than Helsinki Airport, the export declaration can be e-mailed to spake.vienti(at) for exit confirmation. The exporter must enclose the EAD and a copy of the airline ticket with the e-mail message.

From Customs, the exporter will receive a certification of exit as a proof of the exit of the goods from the customs and fiscal territory of the EU.

When goods cleared for export are returned

Goods cleared for export must undergo customs clearance when they are returned to the customs and fiscal territory of the EU. A traveller returning from a business trip with goods that are owned by the company and that have been cleared for export must declare the goods to Customs on arrival.

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