Temporary export of goods

If you’re taking goods out of the EU’s customs and fiscal territory or outside its fiscal territory temporarily for example for an exhibition or a trade fair, you must lodge an export declaration for the goods before exporting them. You can lodge the export declaration yourself or authorise some other party to lodge it on your behalf.

If you’re exporting goods for repair, maintenance or replacement, this requires a specific declaration. Read the guidance:  Returns, repairs and replacements

How to lodge the export declaration when you do it yourself:

  • You can lodge the export declaration free of charge using our Export Declaration Service.
  • Log into the Export Declaration Service using your online banking IDs or mobile certificate.
  • Select “Declaration with economic impact”.
  • Print out the Export Accompanying Document (EAD).
  • When you export the goods in your luggage, you must visit the customs office at the place of exit before leaving the EU.
  • You should then present the EAD and other documents pertaining to the consignment to the customs office.
  • If you’re travelling by air, read our guidance.
  • Customs will certify the exit of the goods when they exit the customs and fiscal territory of the EU, and based on this, a certification of exit is produced.
  • Bear in mind that you need the certification of exit when you re-import the goods.
  • You can print out the certification of exit by logging into the Export Declaration Service.

What information do I need for the export clearance?

  • A document proving the value of the goods, for example a  pro forma invoice.
  • An account of what purpose the goods are being exported for; for example, a trade fair or exhibition.
    The commodity code of the product. You can search for the code using our Fintaric commodity code search.

When you bring back the goods you must declare them to Customs when you arrive in Finland.

The goods must be declared

You must declare the temporarily exported goods for which you have provided a temporary export declaration. When you arrive in Finland, declare the goods to Customs. Read the guidance:  Going through Customs

Points to consider

If you are temporarily taking goods out of the EU in your luggage for commercial purposes, read the guidance on commercial export.

Any questions?

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