Returning from your business trip with company goods

If you arrive from outside the EU and you are carrying goods which

  • travelled from Finland to non-EU territory, and for which an export declaration was submitted to Customs, or
  • was purchased outside the EU and you wish to declare it for a company that has a business ID,

choose the red channel at Customs, present the goods to the customs authorities and submit a customs declaration. Present an invoice on the purchased goods. If an export declaration was submitted on the goods upon exportation, you will also need the MRN of the export declaration.

When businesses import goods, they must have an EORI number. Moreover, security details are required for commercial goods declared in the name of company.

As a rule, businesses are required to submit electronic import declarations. However, when a traveller is carrying commercial goods, they can submit a customs declaration on the goods on a SAD form.

Such travellers are for example persons who arrive in Finland by air, and carry goods that are to be declared for a company with them in the aircraft cabin or hull, and bring the goods personally to Customs for control. A person who regularly imports commercial goods to Finland is not a traveller referred to in these instructions who can submit a customs declaration on paper for the goods they are carrying.

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