Packing your luggage

Finnish Customs does not give instructions on how to pack your luggage. For more information about packing your luggage for your flight and about prohibited goods, go to Finavia’s website.

You can find more information on security controls and on the provisions that apply to packing on Traficom’s website.

Points to consider

If you are taking personal valuables in your luggage to a country outside the EU, you should fill in a luggage certificate at Customs before departure. The form is intended for private persons and it will prove to Customs that you had the items with you on departure.

If you are taking goods abroad with you for commercial purposes, e.g. for sale or temporarily for a fair or for reparation, you’ll have to submit an electronic export declaration for the goods to Customs.

Most countries have restrictions on imports of medicines. The traveller is responsible for finding out the import restrictions of the country of destination. You can get more information about the restrictions e.g. from the destination country’s authorities. Finnish Customs doesn’t provide information about the import restrictions of other countries.

Take your prescriptions with you. If necessary, with them you can prove that you have the right to have personal medicines with you. If you have an electronic prescription (eResepti), please take one of the following with you when you travel:

  • A patient guide printed by a doctor, listing all the medicines you have been prescribed at the same time.
  • A summary printout of your prescriptions, from the pharmacy.
  • A summary of your prescriptions, which you can print from the National Archive for Health Information (Kanta) using your online banking ID codes.

More information:

  • The website of Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland)
  • Medicines

Read more

  • Finavia - How to pack your luggage for your flight
  • Traficom - Security controls; provisions on how to pack and transport luggage

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