Cultural objects

The export of cultural objects requires a licence

The export of cultural objects is restricted. Objects that require an export licence are listed on the website of the National Board of Antiquities. The National Board of Antiquities is the authority that gives advice and guidance on the export of cultural objects and that you can contact when in doubt about whether you need a licence. An export licence must be applied for in advance.

Finnish Customs does not issue export licences.

Note that the export licences must be presented to Customs.

Export to another EU country

Export to a country outside the EU

  • The export of some cultural objects to non-EU countries requires a special EU export licence. These objects are listed on the website of the National Board of Antiquities with age and value limits. These licences are issued by the National Board of Antiquities.
  • Other objects require a licence in accordance with the Finnish export legislation.
  • An electronic export declaration must be submitted for goods that have been issued an export licence. You can submit the export declaration using the Export Declaration Service of Finnish Customs.
  • Note that you have to present the export licence to Customs at the nearest customs office for entries by Customs before the transport of the object starts.
  • The export licence must follow the object, and the licence must be presented for entries by Customs also at the customs office through which the objects leave the EU territory. Customs sends a copy of the licence to the issuing authority.


Points to consider

The consequences of exporting or attempting to export a cultural object in violation of the regulations are prescribed in the Penal Code of Finland.

The penalty for smuggling is a fine or imprisonment for at most two years. The offender may also be ordered to forfeit the goods.

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