Boat control

Customs controls all modes of transport used when crossing the Finnish borders. Boating is a popular recreational activity in Finland, and controlling waterborne traffic thus also engages Customs to a large extent. When crossing the border by boat, you should take into account the customs regulations.

Customs enforces compliance with import and export restrictions and customs procedures on the inland waters and sea areas. Customs’ areas of control also include the fuels used in leisure craft, waterborne traffic, hunting and fishing. Customs is also one of the sea rescue authorities.

Customs’ boat operations

Customs’ boat patrols are stationed in Helsinki and they operate in all sea areas. Customs cooperates closely with the Police and the Border Guard on the Finnish waters.

Customs’ controls comprise the following areas:

  • enforcement of the Water Traffic Act
    • boat equipment and registration, boat drivers’ fitness to drive, general boating regulations
  • enforcement of the Fishing Act
  • fuels
    • diesel fuel used in leisure craft
  • enforcement of the Hunting Act
  • environmental issues
    • oil spills, tidiness of the waterways
  • sea rescue.

Points to consider


According to the Water Traffic Act, Customs has exactly the same powers as the Police. According to the Customs Act, Customs can also stop a person arriving in or leaving the country, discuss with the person and, when necessary, perform a customs inspection.

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When you meet Customs’ boat patrol, greet it with a wave of your hand in a seamanlike manner. Officers working in Customs’ boat patrols are seafaring professionals who will help you in problem situations at sea.

Customs’ boat patrols will also give you instructions and guidance on regulations concerning cross-border boat traffic.


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