ATA carnet with the traveller

The ATA carnet is used for the temporary export or import of goods or for transit. The ATA Carnet can replace export or import declarations, but it does not replace other documents or authorisations you might need (for example import licences for firearms or health certificates). ATA Carnets are issued by the Chamber of Commerce. The ATA carnet also functions as a guarantee for a possible customs debt. The time limit for re-importing or re-exporting is the validity of the ATA carnet, which is usually one year or a specific time limit allocated for certain goods.

The traveller should present the goods to be exported and the ATA carnet to the Customs office of exit for confirmation before the outward clearance. 

Customs’ service point is located in Terminal 2 B of Helsinki Airport where travellers arrive, and serves air travellers 24/7.  Transit passengers can contact Customs when necessary, by using the intercoms at the transit points.

Find out the business hours in advance, when doing business with Customs in ports.

When travelling by Allegro train, the ATA carnet can be presented to Customs on-board for confirmation. Request the service from Customs by email well in advance before the journey: vainikkala(at)

To open the ATA carnet, the traveller can also visit the nearest open customs office that provides service.

The ATA carnet is granted e.g. for:

  • Exhibition goods: The goods cannot be lent, hired, used against payment or moved from the place where it is being held.Samples or specimens belong to the holder of the goods, they are not sold or used for any other purpose than for demonstration and are intended to be returned or used during the event
  • Professional equipment should belong to the person or company and cannot be hired ones
  • Commercial goods samples, which are not to be sold but are intended to be brought back after the exhibition.

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