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Before you travel, please take a look at our advice on these pages. For more information about the import restrictions and provisions of the country of destination, you can contact the country’s authorities. Finnish Customs doesn’t provide information about the provisions of other countries.

Please read our instructions on goods brought in by travellers and on import restrictions before arriving in Finland. If you can’t find answers on these pages or if you’re unsure, please contact the Customs Information Service.

Effects of the sanctions against Russia

When travelling from Finland to Russia:

  • It is prohibited to export luxury goods (i.e. items worth more than EUR 300). Such goods include smart devices, jewellery and sports equipment.
  • Currently, you cannot bring pleasure boats or personal watercraft from Finland to Russia.

When travelling from Russia to Finland:

  • There are restrictions on traveller imports of fuel and alcohol. 
  • All import of cigarettes, cigarillos and cigars is prohibited.
  • Travellers on vacation should not bring boats or personal watercraft from Russia to Finland, because they cannot be returned to Russia.
  • Arriving in Finland via ports and through canal locks from Russia is prohibited. This includes arriving from Russia through Saimaa Canal.

Please note that the import and export regulations may change quickly due to the sanctions.

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Import and export sanctions on goods also apply to private individuals crossing the Finnish-Russian border

The entry of Russian citizens to Finland is restricted

Information and instructions on restrictions on the Finnish Border Guard’s website