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Before you travel, please take a look at our advice on these pages. For more information about the import restrictions and provisions of the country of destination, you can contact the country’s authorities. Finnish Customs doesn’t provide information about the provisions of other countries.

Please read our instructions on goods brought in by travellers and on import restrictions before arriving in Finland. If you can’t find answers on these pages or if you’re unsure, please contact the Customs Information Service.

What are the effects of Brexit on travelling to the UK?

Detailed information on travelling to the UK is available from the UK authorities. 
From 1 January 2021, persons travelling from the UK to Finland must comply with the same restrictions and provisions as apply to other travellers arriving in Finland from a non-EU country. This also concerns the value limits on duty free imports. 
Brexit for private persons

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Customs activity

Transports of goods and electronic customs clearances will continue as usual despite the coronavirus. Follow the instructions For more advice for travellers, visit the websites of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Border Guard.

African swine fever spreads with travellers