What kind of gifts should be declared?

A person who receives a gift must declare it (clear it through customs) and pay any import duties due in the following circumstances:

  • the value of the gift is more than 45 euros,
  • the maximum limits for exemption from customs duty/tax are exceeded, or
  • the gift is subject to restrictions.

or if the gift is sent

  • from outside the EU customs or fiscal territory, or
  • from the EU customs territory but from outside the EU fiscal territory (for example the Channel Islands).
  • The transport company will inform you when you have to declare the goods.

The transport company will inform you when you need to declare a consignment.


The following, when received as gifts, must always be declared regardless of their value:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • tobacco products.

Points to consider

Ask the sender for an account of the content and value of the gift consignment.

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