Prohibited goods in gift consignments

Finland has import restrictions e.g. for social reasons or reasons connected with health and environmental protection. The restrictions apply to gift consignments as well as passenger imports from both within and outside the EU countries.

It is prohibited to receive certain goods, such as medicines or snus, as a gift. It is prohibited to bring dangerous objects, such as brass knuckles, stilettos, throwing stars, edged weapons disguised as other objects, tasers, electric batons, spring batons and precision slingshots into Finland.

For example, a permit is required for importation of endangered animal and plant species and products thereof, even when sent as gifts. More information on endangered species and import procedures as well as on so called CITES import permits, can be obtained from the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, the Finnish Environment Institute, or the Regional Environment Centres as well as from customs offices.

Is the territory included in the EU or EEA countries? Check the chart for EU, EEA, EFTA and Schengen countries.

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