Foodstuffs in gift consignments

From within the EU

You can receive foodstuffs as a gift from within the EU without any special restrictions.

From a non-EU country

The value limit of 45 euros for exemption from customs duty and value added tax applies to gift consignments of foodstuffs received from outside the EU.

Bringing back foodstuffs from outside the EU is restricted, due to the risk of spreading animal diseases. The same import restrictions apply to foodstuffs brought back by travellers and to foodstuffs received as a gift consignment or foodstuffs ordered online. As a rule, you are not allowed to bring in or receive meat, meat products, milk or dairy products from non-EU countries. A maximum of 20 kilos of fishery products (or one gutted fish) can be brought in or received.

You are allowed to receive e.g. the following foodstuffs

  • chocolate
  • sweets
  • cookies
  • bread and
  • cakes,

if the products are not mixed or stuffed with meat products.

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Coffee, tea and their essences and extracts

Exemption from customs duty and tax is applied to a consignment with a value not exceeding 45 euros.

Coffee and tea and their essences and extracts are exempt from value added tax only up to the following quantities:

  • 500 grams of coffee OR 200 grams of coffee extract and essence
  • 100 grams of tea OR 40 grams of tea extract and essence.

Gifts subject to tax

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