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Clearing gifts through Customs

You can clear your goods through customs yourself or authorise some other person to lodge it on your behalf via the Import Clearance Service.

The freight carrier will inform you, when you have to clear a gift through customs.

Exceptions to customs clearance

You cannot clear all restricted products, e.g. weapons, through customs via the service.

Check the user instructions for the Service, to see which goods can be declared via the service.

Points to consider

If the value of the gift is at most 45 euros, you can request Customs to release it. For the release of your parcel, you will need to send the following to Customs:

  • the order confirmation, or some other account regarding the gift and its value
  • the arrival ID and your contact information

by e-mail to Airport Customs: lentoposti(at) If all the conditions regarding the gift are met, Customs releases the consignment to Posti for delivery to you. In other cases you will be contacted by Customs.

Item tracking service (Posti)

You can clear the consignment in the Import Declaration Service (available in Finnish and Swedish) even if its value is no more than 45 euros. If the gift is free of customs duty and tax, you do not need to pay any import taxes.

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If you receive a gift you have to ask the sender to clarify what the gift is and how much it is worth, so that Customs can define whether it is a gift that can be released without customs clearance.

Gifts worth more than 45 euros are to be cleared through Customs, and import taxes are levied on them as for any other online purchase. 

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Go to the Import Declaration Service

To submit a customs declaration, you need:

  • the notice of arrival (from the freight carrier)
  • Clarification regarding the gift and its value, e.g. a free-form statement of the consignor, consignee, the gift and its value or an invoice for the goods. (If necessary, request a statement in advance from the consignor).
  • the commodity code of the product.
  • Customs may also wish to see other documents.

Exemption from customs duties on gift consignments is defined in Council Regulation (EC) No 1186/2009, 16 November 2009 (Official Journal of the European Union L324/23 10 December 2009) articles 25 – 27.


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