Declaring gifts

You can declare the gift consignment personally or authorise someone else to declare it for you via the Customs Import Declaration Service. You can also buy the customs clearance as a service from the transport company. Read more about the customs clearance alternatives and about declaring goods.

Points to consider

For declaring your gift, you need the following:

  • arrival notification from the transport company
  • information on the gift and its value, for example, a free-form account on the value or a receipt on the goods. (If necessary, ask the sender for the account in advance.)
  • Customs may also wish to see other documents.

Ask the sender for an account of the content and value of the gift consignment.

Read more: Clearing gifts through Customs

Exemption from customs duties on gift consignments is defined in Council Regulation (EC) No 1186/2009, 16 November 2009 (Official Journal of the European Union L324/23 10 December 2009) articles 25 – 27.


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