Gift consignments

Read these instructions when you receive or send gifts. Certain goods are subject to restrictions and prohibitions even as gifts. Such goods include foodstuffs, goods manufactured from endangered animals and plants, and snus.

The recipient of the gift may have to lodge a customs declaration on the gift and pay taxes.

If you do not know the contents of the gift, you should ask the sender. You will need to provide information on the contents and value of the gift for customs clearance or for a request for release.

Here’s what you do when you must clear your gift through Customs

The picture on the right shows the most important steps that you need to take or know for clearing a gift through Customs.

If you receive alcoholic beverages as a gift, read the instructions here:
Alcohol in gift consignments

If you receive tobacco products as a gift, read the instructions:
Tobacco in gift consignments



When a private individual sends you a gift

The parcel arrives in Finland at the carrier’s warehouse. The carrier sends you an arrival notice, after which you are to clear the consignment through Customs.

Declare your gift online


The carrier delivers the parcel to you

More on restrictions

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