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Where is my parcel?

You can keep track of your online purchase through the online tracking service of Posti or the freight company. If you need more information about the content of the parcel or its location, contact the freight company.

What does ‘Lähetys on Tullissa’ or ‘held by Customs’ mean?

Usually, the message from the sender or the freight carrier saying ‘Lähetys on tullissa / Held by Customs’ means that the consignment has to be cleared. The goods are located in Posti’s or the carrier’s warehouse, not at a Customs facility.

You will receive the consignment, when you have cleared it through customs.

If you need more information, please contact the sender of the notice, i.e. Posti or the freight carrier. Customs does not send any ‘Lähetys on Tullissa’ / ‘held by Customs’ notices.

Please note! If the consignment contains prohibited or restricted goods without a licence, the matter can be processed as a criminal offence, a medicine offence, smuggling offence or narcotics offence.
Supervision, controls and further administrative measures are made based on the Customs Act. The Customs restriction manual (in Finnish) features the most important export, import and transit restrictions that Customs supervises.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Customs has the right to open letters, packages and other consignments for justified reasons, but without infringing secrecy of correspondence. A consignment opened by Finnish Customs is closed with tape that reads ‘opened by Customs’.

The consignment is sometimes opened and inspected in the country of dispatch or in some other country along the transport route. For more information, contact the consignor or the freight carrier.

Yes. Customs can intercept a letter, parcel or some other consignment in order to examine if the conditions of importation are met.

You will receive a notification if your consignment is intercepted. If Customs decides to seize a consignment, Customs will notify the consignor or consignee about the decision on seizure.

Customs never returns consignments.

Within 20 days of their date of arrival, Posti returns postal consignments for which a customs declaration has not been submitted and for which import duties have not been paid. For more information contact Posti.

Finnish Customs supervises arriving, exiting and transited consignments through various control methods and, when necessary, examines consignments.

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