How do I get preferential treatment?

The customs duty may be lower than the full customs duty or even 0% if the goods are imported directly, for example, from a country that has a valid preferential tariff agreement with the EU, such as the UK, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Japan, Korea or Morocco. This requires that the products meet the criteria for originating products specified in the agreement.

To obtain preferential treatment, present Customs with a certificate of origin (EUR.1), a declaration of origin (statement on origin) or proof of origin in the prescribed form in connection with the customs clearance. You will get the proof of origin from the seller.

You can check the valid preferential duty rates and the requirements for proofs of origin in the commodity code service Fintaric.

Preferential treatment for goods from Turkey

Goods imported from Turkey from free circulation with an A.TR. movement certificate are, as a rule, exempt from customs duty regardless of their origin. If you are requesting preferential tariff treatment for goods you have bought from Turkey, please provide Turkey as the country of origin even though the goods originate in some other country.

No preferential treatment

For example the USA, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and New Zealand don’t have a preferential tariff agreement with the EU. Full customs duties shall always be paid on goods ordered from these countries.

Points to consider

You can request preferential treatment in the Import Declaration Service when you are declaring your consignment. 

You can request preferential treatment in the Import Declaration Service when the goods you are declaring are eligible for it. We will check if the preferential treatment can be granted in your case. We may ask to see a proof of origin. Read more about preferential treatment.

If you don’t have the required document proving the origin of the goods, declare the consignment in the normal way. You can apply for amendment of your clearance after the goods have been cleared. Read more about preferential treatment.

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