Product safety

Note that goods ordered from outside the EU do not necessarily comply with the product safety regulations in force in the EU and Finland. It is possible that the manufacturer has not intended the product to be sold in the EU, which means that the product may differ significantly from EU safety and compliance requirements. The worst cases involve attempted online sales of dangerous products that have been removed from the market elsewhere in the world. 

Before deciding on buying a product, you can check the OECD Global Recall Database if the product has been removed from the market due to safety concerns. You can also check the market supervision register of the Finnish Chemicals and Safety Agency (in Finnish) for possible sales limitations concerning the product in Finland.

Consumers should note that consumer rights vary in EU Member States. Consumer rights in countries outside the EU can be very different from the rights in Finland. Product safety requirements vary also. In the EU and in Finland, law-based consumer protection is completely different to, for example, Asian countries.

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