Ordering alcohol online and clearing it through customs

When you order alcohol online from outside the EU, you must always clear it through customs and pay the import taxes. Alcoholic beverages ordered from another EU country do not need to be cleared through customs, but in some cases taxes must be paid for them. Read about the taxes concerning online orders of alcohol and how to clear alcohol products through customs.

What taxes do I have to pay for the alcohol I ordered?

Alcoholic beverages ordered from the customs and fiscal territory of the EU do not need to be cleared through customs. If you order alcoholic beverages from another EU country, and the seller arranges the transport of the products to Finland, it is a case of so-called distance selling, and you do not have to pay taxes for the products. However, if you personally arrange the transport of the products, it is a case of so-called distance purchasing, and the excise duties – excise duty on alcohol and excise duty on beverage containers – must be paid.

The Finnish Tax Administration is responsible for collecting the excise duties on alcohol and for providing guidance in the matter. Go to the Tax Administration website. 

Alcoholic beverages ordered from outside the customs and fiscal territory of the EU must always be cleared through customs, and import duties and taxes – customs duty based on the commodity code, excise duties and import VAT – will be levied on them in connection with the customs clearance. The import VAT rate is 24%. The excise duty rate on beverage containers is 0.51 euros/litre.

Alcoholic beverages ordered from within the customs territory but from outside the fiscal territory of the EU (e.g. the Åland Islands), need to be cleared through customs.

Read more about the import duties and taxes.
Customs and fiscal territories of the EU

How do I clear a consignment containing alcohol?

You can clear the consignment yourself using our online service or authorise some other party to carry out the customs clearance on your behalf. Read more about the customs clearance alternatives. 


Persons under the age of 18 are not allowed to order or bring in alcoholic beverages, and persons under the age of 20 are only allowed to order or bring in light alcoholic beverages.

Spirits cannot be brought in without a permit.

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