Goods in the Import Declaration Service

Customs needs the commodity code for the import goods in order to calculate the correct amount of duties and taxes. The Import Declaration Service contains more than 400 most commonly declared goods. If the goods you’ve ordered can be found using the goods search provided in the service, you don’t have to start finding out the commodity code.

No commodity code is required when declaring a consignment delivered from an area within the customs territory of the EU but outside the fiscal territory of the EU, such as the Canary Islands.

If you cannot find your goods in the service, you can search for the commodity code in the commodity code service Fintaric or ask for it from Customs, tel. 0295 5206 Mondays to Fridays 8.00–18.00, or from Customs Information.8 am to 4 pm).

List of goods

Ornaments, of plastics
Vinyl stickers, wall stickers, canvas prints, posters
Towels, of terry towelling
Ornaments, of glass
Cutlery sets, of stainless steel
Ornaments, of base metal
Mirrors, photograph or picture frames, of base metal
Pillows and quilts, filled with feathers
Pillows and quilts, not filled with feathers or down
Lamps (ceiling and wall), of plastics
Lamps (ceiling and wall), of glass
Lamps (ceiling and wall), of metal

Silver jewellery
Gold jewellery
Imitation jewellery, of metal
Imitation jewellery, of plastics
Wristwatches and pocket watches with case of precious metal
Other wristwatches and pocket watches

Books, comic books
Magazines and comics
CD-RW (empty)
DVD-RW (empty)
Audio book (CD)
DVD (video recording), computer software or console game (DVD)
CD (sound recording), audio book, computer software or console game (CD)
Blue-ray movie or console game
Vinyl record
Electronic dictionary
E-book reader

Baby clothes
Prams and strollers

Leather jacket
Jerseys, pullovers
T-shirt, singlet
Sweatshirt, hoodie, cardigan
Swimsuit, swimwear, bikini
Overcoat, long
Overcoat, short
Jacket, blazer
Dresses, wedding dresses
Skirt, divided skirt
Blouse, shirt
Shell suit
Fancy dress
Scarves, shawls

Leather jacket
T-shirt, singlet
Sweatshirt, hoodie, cardigan
Overcoat, long
Overcoat, short
Dress shirt
Underpants and briefs
Shell suit
Fancy dress

Toilet waters, Edt
Lip makeup products
Eye make-up products
Manicure and pedicure preparations (incl. artificial nails)
Skin creams, sunscreen and suntan preparations, other skin care preparations
Preparations for permanent waving or straightening
Hair tonics and dyes and other hair products
Teeth whitening products
Pre-shave, shaving and aftershave preparations
Deodorants and antiperspirants
Bath salts and bath preparations
Soap, in bars
Soap, liquid, for washing the skin
False nails, sets, incl. glue etc.
False eyelashes, of synthetic textile materials, sets incl. glue etc.
Wigs, of human hair
Make-up brushes

Dolls representing human beings
Other constructional plastic toys
Other constructional toys
Stuffed toys representing animals
Other dolls
Toy musical instruments
Fidget spinner

Pet supplies
Golf bags, of leather
Trading cards (collectible cards)
Yarns (wool blend, knitting, wool)
Fishing line in the piece
Tent, of synthetic fibres
Sets of hand tools
Radio remote controls
Bicycle parts
Binoculars and night vision binoculars
Telescopic sight
Echo sounder
Airsoft gun
Parts of revolvers and pistols
Parts of shotguns and rifles
Airsoft pellets
Decorative swords
Sleeping bag
Reduced-size (scale) model assembly kits
Electric trains, including parts and accessories therefor
Jigsaw puzzles
RC cars, airplanes, helicopters and boats
Playing cards
Board games
Golf clubs
Golf balls
Roller skates
Sports equipment, other
Equipment for archery
Fishing rods
Fish-hooks, snelled
Fishing reels
Lures, flies, floats, landing nets, fitted lines

Car mats, of rubber
Passenger car tyres
Car mats, of man-made textile materials
Boat anchor
Engine parts and outboard engine parts
Light sets for cars (incl. sealed beam lamps, bulbs, boost regulators, the required wiring and electrical terminals and installation equipment)
Car backup camera and parts for it
Car bulbs (tungsten halogen)
Car bulbs (filament)
Car bulbs (xenon)
Bumpers and bumper parts
Seat belts
Parts of the body
Disc brakes and their parts
Other brakes and their parts
Gear boxes
Drive-axles and non-driving axles
Aluminium wheels, wheel rims and parts
Other wheels, wheel rims and their parts
Shock absorbers
Anti-roll bars
Silencers (mufflers) and exhaust pipes
Clutches and their parts
Steering wheels, steering columns and steering boxes
Motorcycle and moped parts and accessories

Solar panels (not solar power electrical generators), sent from China
Solar panels (not solar power electrical generators), sent from Taiwan
Solar panels (not solar power electrical generators), others than those sent from China

Handbag, of leather
Handbag, of textile
Bags and protective covers
Gloves, of leather
Belts, of leather
Socks, knitted or crocheted, of cotton
Knitted mitts
Ties and bow ties
Gloves, of fabric
Belts, of fabric
Peaked cap
Knit cap

Plastic kitchen articles containing polyamide or melamine, sent from China or Hong Kong
Plastic table and kitchen
Knives with ceramic blades
Crockery, of common pottery (normal ceramic crockery)
Ceramic crockery
Enamelled table and kitchen articles, of iron (other than cast iron) or steel
Table knives (incl. steak knives, oyster knives etc.) with blades of base metal
Kitchen knives, fixed blade, with blade of base metal
Cutlery sets, of stainless steel

Ski boots and cross-country ski footwear, of rubber or plastic
Football boots and track shoes, of rubber or plastic
Flip-flops, of rubber or plastic
Safety shoes, of rubber or plastic
Sandals, of rubber or plastic
Slippers and other shoes for indoor use, of rubber or plastic
Other shoes, of rubber or plastic
Ski boots and cross-country ski footwear, of leather
Football boots and track shoes, of leather
Safety shoes, of leather
Shoes with outer soles of leather
Boots and hiking boots, of leather
Sandals, of leather
Slippers and other shoes for indoor use, of leather
Other shoes, of leather, also trainers of leather
Sports shoes, of textile
Shoes for indoor use, of textile
Shoes, of textile

Lithium-ion (Li-ion)
Lithium-polymer (abbreviation e.g. Li-Po)

Power supplies
Amplifier valves and tubes
Effect devices (distortions, compressors, echos)
Power cables, cables for instruments
Acoustic guitar
Brass-wind instruments
Harmonica (mouth organ)
Drums, cymbals and other percussion musical instruments
Electric organ
Digital piano
Synthesiser, synthesiser modul
Electric guitar
Electronic drums
Musical instrument strings
Parts and accessories of acoustic guitar
Parts and accessories of electric guitar
Parts and accessories of wind musical instruments
Metronomes, tuners
Parts and accessories of percussion instruments

Portable computer, tablet
Computer screen, mouse, graphic tablet
Hard disk for computer
Sound cards and video cards
Motherboard for computer

Nutritional supplements
Tattoo machines
Mobile phone protective covers
Contact lenses
Frames for glasses
Ball-point pen with a cartridge

Pocket calculator
Torches (flashlights)
Mobile phone
Hubs, routers, modems
Loudspeakers (1 element in an enclosure)
Loudspeakers (2 or more elements in the same enclosure)
Loudspeaker elements, not in an enclosure
Headphones and earphones
Electric sound amplifier set
Vinyl record turntable
MP3 player
DVD player
USB flash drive
Console games with solid-state memory
Digital camera and surveillance camera
Digital video camera
Helmet camera (GoPro or equivalent)
GPS position finder
Portable radio-CD player
Car radio with CD player
Clock radio
AV receiver
Objective lenses
Camera for roll film, SLR camera
Single-use cameras
Photographic flashlight apparatus
Other camera parts
Echo sounder
Fault code reader
LED light strips, of plastic
Video game consoles and controllers (PS, X-Box etc.)


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